my compensation for working through a pandemic for the past 3 months…

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my compensation for working through a pandemic for the past 3 months…

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  1. Well shit…
    Remember when we used to heal kids by giving likes and sharing on facebook?? This feels like that…

    I worked my ass out too during the whole thing. I think we got something around 120 euros… and when I say we I mean some of my coworkers. They forgot about some people…me included. They’re looking into it.
    If not because I love my job and my bosses, I would’ve lost my shit.

  2. So I’ve been working for a multibillion dollar power company in Ontario. We are all getting laid off for the summer after working through the pandemic; and to say thank you for working through the pandemic, the company is giving us free coffee, the week after everyone is getting laid off. In other words, the company doesnt care that we kept this place up and running in the middle of a global emergency.

  3. My girlfriend works at Home Depot as well, did you not get the extra 100$ on your check for working over 35 hrs in a pay period ? It does suck if all you got was a cup, but I do believe they are providing 20 dollars an hr for overtime and the extra 100 I mentioned prior.

  4. I work in an ER and got nothing

    edit: ima be real honest with you. Getting my first award and it being a healthcare hero is better than whatever I would’ve got from work. Thank you kindly stranger.

    edit edit: helping people was the gift all along

  5. Don’t forget to mention all the extra weeks of sick leave that they gave you that you can use or get paid for at the end of the year AND the extra money that is added to you paycheck each week.


    My wife works at Home Depot.

  6. be thankful you still have a job…my entire industry has been destroyed and likely will never recover

    20 years of hard work, now in my 40’s I’m staring down the real possibility of working minimum wage jobs until I die..hopefully soon

  7. I find this bullishit, my dad works for home depot and you get paid an extra $200 per week which was extended plus 80 hours of sick pay which you can use however you like. You were/ are well compensated.

  8. Didn’t Home Depot give decent to good benefits during this time? Like extra PTO to full time and part time workers, PTO for any time spent in a positive test inducing quarantine, etc?

    I saw in other posts that OP is 18, how long have you been working there/how much do you work? What else were you expecting?

    [Found this, seems like they did quite a bit more than a thermos](

  9. Home depot has also been paying double overtime and small weekly bonuses based on hours worked. AND gave all employees a free two weeks PTO. Plus lots more for high risk employees. Is it enough? That’s another debate. But it’s better than a lot of other companies have done. So don’t act like this is all you got.





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